It began in 2005... at St Peter's Woodlands Primary School. It was here where we began our  journey of antics, laughs, and a really good time. 

The years passed and we went our separate ways to various highschools but our friendship never changed. Frequent sleepovers at Patto's house made sure of that. 2019, the year it commenced.

We decided to create a YouTube channel.
We always talked about starting a business together, as most friendship groups do! We knew that together we always had fun, and believed that our childish vibe was infectious.

So, we thought why not do something meaningful, and try to make a positive change in the world. We believed this idea of making an impact, combined with our infectious vibe, would create a fun experience for everyone involved. From this, our slogan was established. Have fun, make a difference.
For our first video, we were clueless, more than we are now. We threw a garage sale with profits going towards Sea Shepherd and decided to film it!
From there we grew our knowledge of the platform along with the appropriate skills needed for content creation.

We hosted events, raised awareness, and started competitions all with a purpose of making a difference. Our journey of creating positive change took us on many adventures, including winning community awards, supporting the locals on kangaroo island, and landing us on the front page of the Sunday Mail. 

Our actions aimed to bring a smile to people's faces, but more importantly, aimed to inspire them to incorporate the notion of giving back and reap the rewards from doing so! Here we are today, lads who haven't grown up, creating a community built upon positivity and giving back!

Together the possibilities are endless, so why not join us and become a member of the best family in the world (yes, we may be a bit biased), however we guarantee you won’t regret it!