Push-Up Challenge 2020!

After missing the official Push-Up Challenge dates in 2019, we made it a priority to ensure we were ready to go for the challenge in 2020! The challenge for 2020 was to complete 3,046 push-ups over 21 days to represent the 3,046 Australian lives sadly lost to suicide in 2018. 

For the previous year, with help from awesome members of the public, we completed the total push-up count in 24 hours, so we knew in 2020 we had to go bigger! 

We decided that together, with the help of the Be The One community, we wanted to complete 3,046 push-ups, each day, for the 21 day duration of the challenge (11th-31st of May)! 

We started on the 11th of May and never looked back! The community stepped up big time and each day we were able to hit our goal of 3,046 completed push-ups, sometimes even surpassing it! 

After 21 days, over 75,000 push-ups and participation from over 100 community members, we had completed our goal! We decided not to fundraise throughout this challenge due to economic circumstances at the time (COVID-19), but hoped we raised awareness surrounding mental health and showed the power of what everyone can achieve when the community works together!