Push-Up Challenge 2019!

Beginning in 2018, the Push-Up Challenge was created as a unique way to engage people in mental health. The challenge was designed as a way to combine both physical and mental health, whilst ensuring people connect and have fun! 

In 2019, the challenge required participants to complete 3,128 to represent the number of Australian lives sadly lost to suicide in 2017. We came across the challenge after it was already completed for that year, but still wanted to get involved! We teamed up with Jordan Checker and decided that together, we would go out to Glenelg and try and get members of the public to help us complete the 3,128 push-ups in just 24 hours! 

We headed down to Glenelg and reached our goal in less than 12 hours with the help from awesome members of the public! Upon completion of our challenge, together we had raised $515 for Headspace, National Youth Mental Health Organisation.