Kangaroo Island Bushfire Tee’s

Days before our Move for Movember event we decided to get our very own Be The One T-Shirts made! The response during the following months regarding the shirt’s was very positive, with people asking if they could get one of their own!

It was during this time that the devastating 2020 Australian bushfires began. The bushfires affected Australian’s nationwide, including those in our own backyard on Kangaroo Island. We decided to visit and saw the effects fires had caused, but also the resilience of the residents on the island. On the ferry home we discussed ideas on how we could help out. 

We knew there was some demand for our Be The One Tee’s, so we decided to do our first ever sale, where we would donate 100% of the profits to the Kangaroo Island Bushfire Fund! In total we raised $750 for the fund, which we hoped would play a small part in helping the beautiful Island in its recovery!