Movember Bounce

With the success of the quiz night earlier in the year, this gave us the confidence to venture out into more unique events! We had decided to take part in Movember and were eager to raise funds in the most creative way possible, notably through the Move for Movember fitness framework. The move for Movember framework involves participants running or walking 60 kms over the month, to represent the 60 men we lose to suicide each hour every hour across the world.

We wanted this event to be focussed around everyone coming together and being active, and thought Bounce Inc would be the perfect place to do it. We had been to Bounce multiple times since we were kids, and knew the fun that could be had together, as well as how it was much more of a workout than people realise! 

As Bounce is about jumping, rather than walking or running, we made our own move for Movember goal, and set out to have 60 trampolines continuously bouncing for 60 minutes. 

We had some contacts within the business and were able to set up a meeting. After 5 minutes of giving our pitch, we had been given the green light to go ahead! Once hearing the details, many bounce employees offered to volunteer their time to help run the event. Some of them were even participating in Movember themselves!

With the venue sorted, we put the word out to our friends, families and followers and next thing we knew we had 80 people confirmed to come together, be active, and raise funds for a very worthy cause! 

Massive thank you to Bounce Inc for giving us the opportunity to create an amazing experience and raise as much money as possible! Furthermore a huge thank you to Rachel, and all the other employees who volunteered their time (you know who you are!), we couldn’t have done it without you, and are stoked to have created some awesome friendships along the way! 

We knew achieving our goal wasn’t going to be easy, but the cause made it all worthwhile! Here are some words from people who attended the event:

“You guys are legends, I'm gonna be sore” - Will Beinke 

“Im gassed, but it’s for a great cause so it's worth it” - Angus Kubank

Watch the video below to see how the whole event unfolded!

Cause: Movember
Activity: Move for Movember
Date: 24/11/2019
Location: Bounce Inc. (Marleston)
Ticket Price: $10
Attendance: 80 People
Money Raised: $800
Experience: Priceless!