Charity Quiz Night

We had next to no idea how we were going to throw the event and went into organising it with just a belief that we would make it awesome! 

We chose the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation as a result of a previous video (Amazing Race Style Challenge), in which we knew a close friend who had been indirectly affected by the disease. 

After some phone calls, and roaming around Glenelg giving out (horrible!) makeshift business cards, we had secured a venue, and donations to create some awesome prize packs!

Huge thank you to Club Marion for providing us with the venue, and in particular, shoutout to Kim, we couldn’t have done it without you! Also a massive thanks to the following businesses for their generosity in providing us with items to make the best prize packs possible! 

  • Taylors Wines, Sharmianne Ricardi, Sublime Coffee, Beach Burrito, Capri Theatre, Bakers Delight, Charlesworth Nuts, GU Filmhouse, Bayside Fruit and More, and Fruizberry!

With all this in place, we put the word out to friends and family, and in a flash we had over 120 people raring to go and put their brains to the test! Even with all this set up, we actually only planned how the event would go the night before, and finished the PowerPoint as guests were arriving! If you knew us, this actually wouldn’t come as that much of a surprise...

The whole night exceeded our expectations, and from what we could gather, exceeded those of our guests as well. Here are how they thought the night went:

“It was a great way to bring people together and raise money for a great cause” - Freya Young

“You have helped us lads donate towards this cause. Bunch of absolute legends” - Nathan Lean

“Excellent event. Brilliant. Loved it.” - Dmitri Jarkov 

Ultimately, the experience of this fast paced, action packed night, solidified to us that throwing events in the future would be one of our top priorities! The combination of seeing everyone with a smile on their face, having a ripper time, whilst raising funds for a worthy cause, is second to none! 

Once again a massive thank you to everyone who attended and had faith in us, and to those who generously donated their time and resources to make this night as awesome as possible, you know who you are!

To see how the entirety of the night unfolded, watch the video below!

Cause: Cure Brain Cancer Foundation
Activity: Quiz Night
Date: 26/07/2019
Location: Club Marion
Ticket Price: $10
Attendance: 120+ People
Money Raised: $2,000
Experience: Priceless!